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Data Coordination Center

The CLIC Data Coordination Center is a central data storehouse.

The Data Coordination Center was established in 2014 at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France to make collaborative research within the consortium more efficient while complying with national data confidentiality legislation for the transfer and storage of study data.

CLIC researchers defined a standardized set of core variables. These core variables are used in virtually all pooling projects (these are projects for which the data from multiple CLIC studies are combined and analyzed to investigate environmental and/or genetic factors that may be associated with specific childhood cancers).

At present, almost all CLIC studies have provided the core variables to the Data Coordination Center. Some CLIC studies also have contributed additional variables. Efforts to expand the Data Coordination Center to provide additional administrative and operational resources to CLIC researchers are underway. The development and expansion of the Data Coordination Center has been supported by the Children with Cancer UK charity. The Data Coordination Center at IARC hosts a research-oriented website for CLIC investigators.