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CLIC 2023 Year End Review

CLIC has had a great year!

Earlier this year, we introduced our Genomics Project and described how we will pool genetic data for childhood cancer to expand our research on why kids get cancer. We are now happy to report that we have successfully transferred all the data for leukemia and are beginning the analysis stage. Our three analysis centers will make sure the data is harmonized and eventually will send summary statistics to the Coordinating Center at the University of Minnesota. 

CLIC is also proud to have two publications this year. Drs. Philip Lupo and Jeremy Schraw (both from Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA) published papers based on their research with international CLIC members from pooled epidemiologic data. Dr. Schraw examined the relationship between breastfeeding and childhood brain tumors, while Dr. Lupo studied the relationship between certain birth defects and leukemias. You can read more about their studies on our Research page. 

The 2023 CLIC Scientific Annual Meeting was held on October 9-11, 2023 at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle, Washington, USA. Throughout the meeting, we heard from prominent scientists in the pediatric oncology field, both members and non-members of CLIC. They spoke about their current cancer research, outcomes research methods, genomic research, and other ongoing epidemiologic studies. Our CLIC members gave brief updates on their projects and shared posters and abstracts. The meeting also included time for general discussion about genomic resources and the plan to incorporate genetically-derived data, proposals for new projects, and the future of CLIC. Thank you to our wonderful host Dr. Beth Mueller at the Hutch!

CLIC began its first annual CLICsgiving fundraiser this November. This year we are raising funds to promote data-sharing infrastructure, drive forward pooled analyses of our data, and support our annual scientific conference. We were a part of Give to the Max Day on and received over $2500 from our CLIC community. Thank you to everyone who gave a gift!!

CLICsgiving is still active until December 31, 2023! Please consider supporting our research by giving a gift, sharing our cause, and following us on LinkedIn.

CLIC would like to thank all our wonderful contributors and partners including: the National Institute of Health, Childhood Cancer Research Fund, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, GiveMN, Riverland Bank, and community members like you! We wish you all the best New Year!

CLIC at the Fred Hutch Cancer Center, Fall 2023